Sunday, April 20, 2014

Too much dairy and the lactose intolerance.

So many dairy ads are almost giving me lactose intolerance. As to why all of them initiated campaigns is a bit of a mystery - perhaps it's simply that there's little turn over on the billboards and unipoles so much that their campaigns stayed there unchanged.
Center Jdita goes "when the Lebanese vote, it's normal for the healthy option to win" a reference on their "Product of the Year" win (not much of a credibility there but I shall let this one pass).
 Khoury also stresses that its products is also "the healthy way" to enjoy one's day.
 Taanayel les fermes also goes "fresh tasty and naturally strong"....
As you can see, the claims are interchangeable, the brands could have been either one of them on any of the ads... Basically little or not demarcation!

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