Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Bayrut Express: eco-friendly style

Ziad Dagher is not your usual investor and The Bayrut Express is not your typical fashion store. Almost everything there has a story rooted in environment, recycling, eco-friendliness and - of course - style and fashion too. Dagher is trying to mix between fashion and environment and has managed, in just a few months, to attract a faithful clientele that wishes to distinguish itself while being environmentally-conscious.
The brands carried in the store, are all known to be in their special way, to have a component which is close to nature in one type or another.
GGRIL lamps with bases are made from either recuperated pallet wood or Recycled Paper Pulp Waste.
Or Spectre sunglasses considered the epitome of street style and fine opticals?
The Alfi drinking bottles devoid of carcinogenic materials and still able to hold heat for 12 hours and cold for 24.
There are also belts made from recycled bicycle tires.
Inkkas which used authentic South American textiles with 10% of every order going to save the Amazon forest.
And the Lebanese brand "Waste" which recycles vinyl ads into usable every day items (shown here are a pouf and an iPad cover).
Not only is The Bayrut Express is a fashion place but also it is developing its cafe corner with the idea that coffee is served in pottery receptacles along with seeds which the patrons can plant those seeds at home, deserts would be served in glass receptacles which when brought back to the store would secure customers a discount - which has always been the model for cola bottles until the throwaway cans showed up.
With such ideas in mind, Dagher and The Bayrut Express are bound to keep making a splash among potential customers in the Beirut scene. And - if his dreams are to be believed - in other nations as well.

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