Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some facts about Blue Gold

Here are some facts I have come to know about the Blue Gold project:
Blue Gold will be cheaper that the current proposed plan for water management which requires 44 dams with limited life and drastic effects on the environment.
Blue Gold aims for a National Water Council, which will all stakeholders, will have a say as to how to manage water resources including citizens, activists, and NGOs plus the several concerned official bodies.
Blue Gold aims to change the legislature to better manage water in a partnership between public and private entities but is not a privatization operation.
Blue Gold is an integration of several processes of water preservation: Drip irrigation, recycling, efficient dams, etc...
Blue Gold project got endorsed by politicians across the spectrum & they even wanted to appropriate it fully. It was a no go.
Blue Gold is part of the "federative economy" which is non-political & centers around citizen emancipation and participation.
Blue Gold is NOT a privatization initiative; it does not seek to turn water into a private entity benefiting the elite.
Blue Gold got its funding from private donors and Banque du Liban through publishing a very lengthy scientific document.
Blue Gold is not driven around the ego of one person, nor is it a stepping stone to someone's public career but the product of the CIH (Civic Influence Hub).
Blue Gold is not a political party. Members of Civic Influence Hub (parent NGO) do not seek to be elected anywhere.

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