Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#nolawnovote - but a lot of commercialism (UPDATED)

Research credit: G.H.

Brands are once more riding the coattails of the civil society movements. Exotica and Ksara are already part of the Kafa #nolawnovote support for the march that was intiated by Kafa - an NGO dedicated to women's issues in the civil society (whereby women are pledging not to vote for the MPs in the next elections unless those vote for the Domestic Violence Law which is still pending).
I need to emphasize that the common visual link is a thumb being dipped in red (color of blood) instead of blue (because blue is an indicator one has voted in Lebanon to avoid duplication of ballots under one name).
I am sure throughout the day a lot more brands will join. Perhaps it's just me, but I am growing more cynic of this echo chamber we are living in.

Research credit: C.M.
And here is fellow blogger No Garlic No Onion pulling a Magritte on us.
Purple Heels joins two "red thumbs" to make a heart in their own support.
Al Rifai is also in the loop - although just including the finger print it in its logo.
And for Almaza "bobsomlik" (which is the traditional expression to say "I stand by you" or "I have faith in you").
Image source for Almaza and Rifai here.
Research credit: G.H.

Finger Print goes into the melee with this one. And then totally out from left field, Abed Mahfouz couture house surprises us with this incredible one! A dice - to protect the bloody thumb of course. Genius! And it fits the brand perfectly.

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