Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#InMediasRes opens tonight at Sation Beirut

#InMediasRes will open tonight at Station Beirut - next to Beirut Art Center in Jisr el Wati at 19:00.
Come and witness some technically complex, aesthetically challenging, emotionally provoking artworks which feature young (well, except for me that is - since I am taking part of the show) talents with ideas that would put pre-established notions to shame in a venue which took a wild bet on a show which when pitched was just a text and little more (much thanks goes to Nabil Canaan for accepting the challenge) with all of this orchestrated by Miha Vipotnik - one of the pioneers of the digital art in Europe - and a maverick figure if there was one (the more you try to limit him and clip his wings, the more he goes intergalactic).
Come and be "in the midst of things" #InMediasRes.
Keep in mind that Vero Modca - a multimedia installation about our (failed) collective memory - will take place this Friday in the realm of this event.

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