Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Medias Res - Miha Vipotnik/Mojca Zavolovsek/Tarek Chemaly

Tarek Chemaly (Installation)
Title of the work: Vero Modca/Searching Joe
A past rearranged to suit the present, a present that is not a gift, or is a poisoned gift, but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, yes – never examine its content – never ask the whys and the hows and the what fors, keep pretending that the retrospective version of the past is what happened, so that the current narrative still continue to make sense.

Mojca Zavolovsek (Graphic Art)
Title of work: Adhesive cohesive
The devil is in the details and so is God, a transplant into chaotic land bring order and meticulousness, nothing ever falls apart, nothing ever over spills, all is scotch-taped as the rest run in circles, beacons of organization, logic and pampering as the rest of the world is in the midst of things.

Miha Vipotnik (Initiator)
Title of Work: In Medias Res
I spy with my little eye, catalyze, shake, challenge, provoke, I to eye, I build, destroy to rebuild again, and throughout it all learn and de-learn from experience, only to spy better and catalyze more and shake with more violence and challenge with more vigor and provoke more consistently.

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