Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fatka-Village: Me talk pretty one day

Looking at the Fatka-Village ad on top of a building at Dora roundabout - one of the worst places to place an ad with words (as no one is standstill enough to read them) - I could not but remember the title of David Sedaris' heartwarming masterpiece "Me talk pretty one day" - except it's very far from being as well written.
"At altitude 400 meters" starts the ad. How about "at 400 meters of altitude" instead? or "at the altitude of 400 meters"?... Then they go on with "you are not mistaken to bronzed near the pool" - which I believe they meant "you are welcome to tan by the pool" and conclude with "between different type of pleasures" which should be "in between different types of pleasuring activities".
Seriously if their English is as good as their houses, you're screwed.

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