Monday, April 28, 2014

Everyone wants a piece of Alamuddin's a**!

Amal Alamuddin is one hot property. And let that be known.
Who? In case you have been living under a rock, reports surfaced that Amal Alamuddin, a barrister specialized in human rights and extraditions (who is representing a certain Julian Assange from Wikileaks in his case against the Swedish government where he is asked for questioning over sexual charges) has been reportedly engaged to a professional serial dater who otherwise acts in his free time called George Clooney.
My interest in the news stems from how it was reported since everyone involved seems to want a stake in the affair (no pun).
First there's those who - to their dismay - cannot claim anything in the matter such as one of the first news outlets who reported the engagement USA Today:
I mean poor Americans, all they can brag about in this has to do with Clooney.... But things get more interesting when you start moving to the other side of the pond, the way the Guardian reported it became this:
There, you see, suddenly she's all British! The Alamuddins have known ancestry for generations upon generations from Kent with a small branch in Coventry and one tiny representation in Devon. Fine, I am stretching this for effect, but you see the difference? She's no longer Amal Alamuddin she's now British Amal Alamuddin.
Then we move on closer home, where the "real" Almauddin (up to my knowledge a Druze family whose other export is the talented Rabih Alameddine - notice the slight transliteration in Latin between Rabih who has gone to the US and "cousin" (again, no proof to that, I am just assuming) Amal who has gone to the UK). I chose - almost at random a representing title from which headlined "a Lebanese-Hollywoodian in-law matchmaking"
The piece is but a small representation of the bragging (and bragging rights) going on in the Arab and specifically Lebanese media. But you must admire the appropriation of Amal Alamuddin as being totally Lebanese (not British-Lebanese or anything).
And leave it to TMZ to perfectly sum up the situation with "George Clooney reportedly engaged to hot, successful lawyer".
And this indeed - "hot, successful" - best sums it up.

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