Saturday, April 26, 2014

Credit Bank rebranded under the radar.

All images (c) Credit Bank
One of great things about not advertising often enough, is that when you rebrand, people will not take great note of it, will not pit your old logo versus your new one, will not really make a fuss about - unless they are Beirut/NTSC that is.
Credit Bank has actually changed its logo - and to their credit (bffff, what a cliche of a pun!) - they explained the rationale on their facebook page and - tadam! - showed the evolution of the logo from start to finish (usually as outside observers we only see the final result):
"Rooted in the history of Creditbank is a story about a family business that begun from an apple orchard. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that has inspired the enterprising bank we know today. This ethos not only champions Creditbank’s success but also gives us a unique understanding of our customers and their ambitions.
With graphic inspiration from the previous identity and the acronym ‘CB’, we have built on its strength to demonstrate values that are bold and confident but added an energy that is flexible and dynamic.
The Creditbank brand demonstrates proactive values that go beyond the ordinary."
I agree to the bits above, the new identity does reflect a lot of dynamism (how this translates on the ground is a different matter), and a lot of willingness to change (the video for this however is a tad expected even if well-executed). On the whole it is indeed a job very well done.

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