Friday, March 14, 2014

How I met your mother - in the kitchen.

Just in case anyone is confused in 2014 - a woman's place is STILL in the kitchen. Or if one disagrees, he or she is put back in their place by the ads running for Mother's day (which falls on March 21st in Lebanon). 
Moulinex has a very very far fetched outing this year (three billboards, all more difficult to explain than the other). The sample below goes: "wah7a, mafroume" ("it's clear, it's sliced" - in reference to their slicer) - it took me some time before getting it was a play on words on "wad7a, fafHoume" (it's clear, obvious).
The ones about the juicer and the blender are just as long shot as this one (photo below - sorry for the bad quality).
The one about the juicer goes "keeps up with the times" but "3asr" also means "press" so it is a double entendre on "keeps the pressing going", and the blender is "it makes the heart beat" but also "it blends the heart". Seriously, a lot of effort... Too much actually.
Now let's move to Khoury Home:
Thank you mom "for the love you put into everything" (with drums roll - food!) and (even it not kitchen-oriented) "to the memories you captured (note that the mother does not appear in the photos as her job is simply to take photos, nothing else).
So then we go with Bosch:
At least there is some love in the Bosch ad. Or maybe it is the layout that is actually warm. But it still refers to the mother as a domestic goddess, make no mistake.
One of the few deviations this year this Intimi (a lingerie shop) with the following ad:
But well, either sex is a mother's reward for the good job she did in the kitchen, or perhaps she needs to have more sex to procreate more and justify all the time she is spending at home (the more kids, the more washing, cleaning, baking, using all those gifts you have given her!).

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