Monday, February 24, 2014

Typography: Beards, dance and broken neons from Beirut.

Photo credit: Michael Allen
Designer Michael Allen has just graced us with an unusual typography... based on his goatee!... Above is the perfect illustration of how he came about the letters based on styling his facial hair.
And he is in great company, specifically the beautiful typography which was a "performed" by Czech dancer Milca Mayerová and published in ABCEDA (which was a pioneering collaborative publication by Vitezslav Nezval, Karel Teige, dancer/choreographer Milcha Mayerova and photographer Karel Paspa).
And Lebanon in all of this?
Photographer Tinko Czetwertynski posted online a long long time ago (somewhere around 2001) an Alphabet made from broken neon letters he photographed in Beirut. And here is it!

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