Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spinney's is in a league of its own. Period.

Some very very serious stuff are happening at Spinney's it seems. I just commented on their recent Ashrarfieh delivery ad not knowing of the gems that have been happening behind the scenes on their Facebook page. They are on fire!
Let's see what they have been up to:
For Valentine's they came up with 2 different ads a 2 for 1 with 2 tomatoes on a skewer in the shape of a heart and the oh so wonderful "a7ebouquet" - which is an Arabic-Latin mix of "I love bouquet" enticing buyers to get flowers from them or the phonetic Arabic "a7ebouki" (I love you - but said to a female).
Then for the formation of the government, they go with this one:
"Tchakkalet w ha2ibet el tefir ma3na" - the government is here and the portfolio/bag of savings is with us. In Arabic "ha2iba" or ministerial portfolio is the same word as bag or basket....
I rest my case, Spinney's is kicking!

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