Saturday, February 8, 2014

Munch Maleh ads - gems from Saudi Arabia

Every so often the same debate pop up: Is the Saudi Market ready for creativity or is it simply incapable of seeing beyond the literal? My view is that the public may be ready (even if I supplied evidence of the contrary previously) but I also feel that a major part of the blame goes to client servicing people who are much more afraid of edgy ideas than the client itself.
Which brings us to Munch Maleh, and the introduction of Cronut to Saudi Arabia. The idea is simple - joining the French croissant with the American Donut! So the iconic symbols of American were taken and were added the "French moustache".... And voila! So if this makes its way to the press, how can we say that the public is not ready? Maybe it's Saudi advertising agencies that are dumbing it down.
On all counts, Munch Maleh brings some food for thought about the issue (sorry about the pun)!


GES said...

ooohh Yeah simply this AD is done by memac ogilvy/Jeddah

Client: munch maleh
ECD: Attila Nyeki
AD: Georges Serhan
Business Director: Shafik Droubi
Sr. Account Executive : Rami Rihani
Account Planner: Nadim Basna

Well done team :)

Tarek Chemaly said...

Well done indeed and congrats for this great ad that shows KSA is ready for some serious creativity.