Monday, February 3, 2014

About that 4x4 Kia Picanto...

Artwork by Sareen Akarjalian from Ink on the side

"Char al baliiyya ma youd7ik" - the worst plights are the ones that make you laugh - goes an Arabic proverb. You an rely on Sareen Akarjalian to express our innermost thoughts and still make us smile as in today's Ink on the Side caricature.
This reminded me of another light-hearted artwork which was plastered on the walls of Beirut in 2005 (by Abs el Berghi (aka Rafik Majzoub) "thank you for not booby wiring my car".
So we laugh about it, to mask the anxiety.... The title of the post refers to how a newspaper reported the car that had been used in the last explosion to hit Beirut was a Kia Picanto 4x4... Which is a description as surrealistic as the events hitting Lebanon.

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