Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The spirit of the Blitzkrieg at Karout Mall

Photo credit: Plus961

I got the image above from Rami's blog (who got it via Suzanne!), and it simply proves my point. When the last explosion happened in Beirut I ran a post taken from archival images (back from 1984) which depict references to violence and products related to it (link is here). The image above - taken from Karout Mall plays exactly on that fear of explosions... But also at the same time ridicules it (which is the perfect mix for the Lebanese psyche - we dread explosions but chat about them the same night they occur over cocktails in a pub)... "The sooner you advertise here, the better" - because, you know, we might get bombed.
It remind me of that barber whose shop was hit during the blitzkrieg in London during WWII - he simply posted a sign "we've had a close shave".
In England the Spirit of the Blitzkrieg refers to how people went after the war still resilient and purposeful... But also without all their marbles intact. We are heading there, slowly but surely. No, make that fast and surely. 

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