Monday, January 6, 2014

Amy Chua institutionalizes our national arrogance

Now that's a good way to start a week! Someone (in this case Amy Chua - a Yale law professor who is more known to make nutty racial superiority claims as to Asian mothers) has finally institutionalized our arrogance!
You know that "kif ma zattayto biyeje we2ef"?

Work taken from "The HOLE Truth" by Tarek Chemaly and Fady Chahine available for free here.

Well according to her new book along with husband Jeb Rubenfeld, there are 8 "cultural" groups are superior to others in the United States. And - us being Lebanese we only care about the bit where we are mentioned - "Lebanese Americans" are there! Among all possible groups, there you have it - we are superior to others in the States.
The triple package of course.
1 - The superiority complex (need I even explain this? Explaining it is in itself degrading towards our superiority, and if you are smart enough like us you'd understand without explaining habibi).
2 - Insecurity... Ooops, that's a difficult one. "Ana? Insecure?" Well, maybe we can attribute that to war factors rather than something inherent in our psyche. "Enno what is she talking about, insecure? Ana? Enno bicharafak did I do anything to show this? La2 really tell me did I? Mich ma32oul 3am bekharref hayde Chua!" (too difficult to explain in English)
3 - Impulse control. See, it seems all those Lebanese in Deerborn Michigan do not clap when the plane lands, and do not fire Kalashnikovs during wedding. I assure you. I met some people in DC who - believe it or not - do not stab someone for a parking space in Old Georgetown Road.
So now we have it, we are superior and - at least for 2 reasons out of 3 - it is now institutionalized, proven, stamped and sealed. Mabrouk cheri!

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