Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Tis the season to be...

BankMed is celebrating its 70th anniversary - "a coincidence for us to celebrate together (with Lebanon's independence that is) and our destiny to continue together". A bit of sucking up never hurt anyone I guess.
Jammal Turst Bank turns 50: "Sana helwa ya Jammal" instead of "Sana helwa ya jamil" (happy birthday handsome). Cute, though not campagnable.
BBAC was to celebrate too - well want you to celebrate by using your card and eventually winning prizes after being ripped in the commission....
C&F got itself a winner for the Christmas ad. Indeed, "show them how well you know them" - true, if you are to gift anyone in terms of C(osmetics)&F(rangrances) you must know them and their character real well (and if you don't know me, you can't go wrong offering me a bottle of Egoiste from Chanel).
Castania "the party will be from one holiday (Christmas) to the next (New Year's eve)" - a snow globe and a runaway Santa reaching out to the bowl. All in all it works well.
Oh yes of course it fits together - alcohol and driving! This is not the first alcohol brand to give a car related giveaway (this time they are promising to fill your tank so as for you to drive faster under the influence!)... "Live your way" says the selling line. Yeah and "die our way" too!
There are about 56 ads on the streets for watches, the reason I picked this one was because it features the Turkish actor Kivanc Titlitug - and since the days of him being known by his TV persona as "mohannad" are long gone they now use his real name. TW Steel prides itself in being "big in oversized watches" - bling bling anyone?
And to sum up the festive spirit? How about this (intentionally blurred photo) of these two young men playing with a Christmas ornament on the Gemmayze stairs? The guy in the black attire won if you want to know!

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