Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is-tan-bul? My parting gift to you for 2013!

This is my end of year parting gift you! May you have an excellent year ahead. Drive safe tonight, be well, make sure to tell people you love that you love them, be grateful to the good things you have, try to be forgiving with fate-life-God-etc for whatever hassle it has given you. And have a great one. The following poem was written today and was inspired the by the difference two years did to Turkey, and to me.

By Tarek Joseph Chemaly

And so now Turkey is a pays imaginaire,
And people still go to Bağcılar, but not me,
And I went there back when I was plural,
And Brad Pitt was before me in a hair salon,
And in the meantime we had the lady in red,
And #weareallceydasungur,
And the riot police is all over Taksim, every night,
And is-tan-bul? No, tan-bul is no longer,

And neither is me. 

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