Monday, November 18, 2013

Window shopping in Beirut.

It is true I lashed out on Rectangle Jaune for the use of Oscar Wilde, but maybe what attracted me in the first place was the beautiful window shop which - try as one might - one fails not to see it. The tree made from books, the overall use of the Wilde quotations and somewhere there - the products themselves unobtrusive but also present and unmissable.
Another good show comes from Kamishibai as they opt for a Mad Men vintage look complete with retro pram and decoration.
And whereas a tad out of season, the giant beach balls in the window of Kocache add a summery flavor to the whole of Spears neighborhood.
Then, Beirut offers you this - blink and you might miss it. A window still unchanged since... God know when. Charming, personal and very intimate. And no, it won't change next season or the one after that. Hence the comfort it provides.

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