Thursday, November 21, 2013

Priscilla (frescoes): queen (priestess) of the desert

The newly restored catacombs of Priscilla which have been reopened to the public following a 5 year restoration plan (and which can be visited virtually via a dedicated space on Google maps) have revealed something deeply disturbing in their frescoes. Since the imagery dates back to somewhere between 2nd and 4th Century A.D. there are images of women in what appears to be "rich liturgical garments" (the word "liturgical" does not exist, it has, however, been used for lack of better word by the Vatican). In one specific fresco, a woman appears with her arms outstretched wearing a dalmatic (which is a cassock-like robe) with her arms outstretched in the typical position of a priest invoking grace.
Fabrizio Bisconti, the superintendent of the Vatican's sacred archaeology commission, said such a reading of the frescoes was pure "fable, a legend". Other news sources translated his words as "a fairy tale". So, excuse me then, women have to go back to "fairy tales" of the Disney Princesses who are waiting to be rescued (because they have no will, determination or resourcefulness of their own).
As I always go back to advertising in my posts, why not relish on this campaign from Mercy Academy as a reply:
So obviously we have had a "Priscilla queen (priest) of the desert" even before the time, but she was preaching in the wilderness it seems. On second thought, women priests would be a good idea to stop the pedophilia which seems rampant in the church.

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