Friday, November 22, 2013

Phoenicia hotel and the independence faux pas!

I have come across this ad by Phoenicia Hotel - one of the great bastions of Lebanese hospitality - as they commemorate the independence day. At first glance, it is patriotic, noble and very fitting. A cedar being rooted in their logo with (2 of the 3) colors of the flag and the grand headline "guardians of our heritage"... Then comes the major, MAJOR, problem. Anyone who puts "guardians" with a "cedar" is implicitly referring to the ultra-right wing militia lead by Abou Arz (father of the Cedar) Etienne Sakr named "guardians of the cedars" - their motto? Every Lebanese should kill a Palestinian.
As a proof on this please look at this image taken by Maria Chakhtoura from her seminal book "La guerre des graffiti"... Now, any questions?

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