Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mental health for the Lebanese - an oxymoron.

"Think, health is mental too." Lebanon is waking up too late to the idea that ought to be balanced, non-aggressive, having meaningful relationships, not resorting to physical violence to settle everything, not emotionally or verbally abusing, and so on. I know it seems odd no one thought of this before but IDRAAC seem to be on the forefront of the issue (IDRAAC is Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care - IDRAAC in Arabic means "being aware").
In their campaign they use prominent people usually associated with hipness and coolness to give the campaign a funky edge - really, since issues of mental health have rarely been advertised there is no right or wrong way as this is uncharted territory. What is odd however is that IDRAAC also co-signs a campaign that is in parallel on the streets right now and which is spearheaded by the ministry of health:
"Untie the knot and start talking straight, psychological illness is a medical disease".

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