Friday, November 29, 2013

Buick Grand Prix - Carcheology in Beirut.

Photo credit - Helen Mackreath and Patrick Sykes
While seeing the beautiful photo essay on Beirut by Helen Mckreath and Patrick Sykes, one specific pictures pulled me. It was the one that featured that unique car which keeps being parked in the driveway of a private residence right in the heart of Achrafieh (and we all know how those private homes became more and more rare as their owners sell them to developers for obnoxious amounts of money.
For those interested, the car is a mint condition Buick Grand Prix which is a rare sight among those who admire vintage cars. The only reason I got interested in vintage cars was when I started Publishing the series "Carcheology" for my friend Herbert Bos (See Carheology and (RE)Carheology here) and then I started realizing how full Beirut is of such gems!
So here are the photos of the Buick Grand Prix!
If interested in seeing more beauties from way back yonder, please head to Herbert's page here!

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