Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mowing the loan - pity the copywriter

I am not sure I can actually criticize this Byblos Bank fall loan ad. It says "get stocked in Oct.Nov. and travel in Dec.Jan."- "tmawwan bi tchereen wou sefer bi kweneen) (Tshereen is both "Teshreen el Awal" (October) and "Teshreen el thani" (November) and "Keweneen" is "Kenoun el Awal" (December) and "Kenoun el thani" (January)). Thing is it seems the offer gives you airline miles on top of everything.
Problem is - it is so difficult, season after season, loan after loan, to come up with copywriting gimmicks which can still be funny or catchy when you have to do that several times a year, and several years in a row (and then you have the creative director, client servicing and bank marketing department to go through and approve and all of them want to be smarter than you, more interesting and better wordsmiths than you could ever be... Or so they think!). So I just think of the copywriter and feel for him/her for that predicament.

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