Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Domino's pizza - no pan just praise

 Hey, someone is doing a very good job for the pan-Arab ads of Domino's Pizza... Already they are headlining with "At3am Pizza" - the word at3am actually does not exist in the dictionary. It is a superlative, but that stems from the word "ta3m" - which means "the one with the biggest taste" but it's as if as saying "tastest pizza" which is bad if you were focusing on English, but excellent if looking at creativity.
And if you think that was a rooster's egg, check out their new "pan" ads - remember that the letter P and B are interchangeable in Arabic - which let them have the headline "al2an... el farq ban"  or "now, the difference is pan" which also read "now the difference has shown" (ban means has appeared or is now shown).
I am convinced!

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