Thursday, September 12, 2013

Annahar (used to) write history

Now isn't this interesting.... This ad for Annahar for their 80 years refers to our current leaders when they were kids: one has to give them out a Fouad Siniora wearing glasses and being the Scrooge he would later become (counting Monopoly money), an extra tall Najib Mikati, a Michel Aoun with toy soldiers (he would become head of the army), Samir Geagea playing doctor (he never graduated from the AUB medical school), Emile Lahoud in the pool (he is a keen swimmer), Nabih Berri practicing his hammer (later speaker of the parliament), a Walid Jumblatt on a tricycle (he is known for his motorcycle antics!).
But it is the headline that is catchy - "when they were still kids we were writing history".
And all of this coming from Impact BBDO (who knew they could still produce interesting stuff?) to Annahar (long ago stopped being relevant and therefore stopped writing history)

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