Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pablo Karam or Pablo Salam?

Pikasso - the widespread chain of out of home advertising - just came up with ads for its Beirut Backlit networks. It is trying to market them as "beautiful at any time of day" and "knows all the hotspots" (got the word play? Good then!) and "like a true Beiruti".... Ah! So the network wants to emphasize that - despite its name - Pablo (Habibi Pablito!) is of Lebanese origin - more specifically a Beiruti.
But, hey, Beirut is a very complex city... So is Pablo a Christian or a Moslem? Is he voting for 14th of March or the 8th? Is he pro-Hariri from Tariq el Jdide or a pro-Aoun from Mar Mekhael... Oh forget the "hotspots" - this is what we should be asking ourselves. Pikasso just opened a can of worms... And in the words of that shop near Ain el Mraysse "cans of worms are not returnable".

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