Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Galaxy's Ramadan jewel

I am actually in love with this TVC. It's the Galaxy Jewels Ramadan ad. Today it is not longer exceptional for an ad to be well shot, so the technical aspect is irrelevant for me. And yes, all Ramadan ads are about giving, sharing and spreading the joy. So what's unique about this one?
The smartness of this ad lies in its cyclical pay-it-forward attitude. The woman who was originally generous with her box of Galaxy Jewels - and knowing that the box traveled far and wide among people sharing it with each other - finally ends up in her own lap with a few remaining treats in which she indulges.
The line "halliha bi Ramadan" or "make it sweeter during Ramadan" - whereas not out of this world - is good enough for the final wrap up.

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