Monday, June 10, 2013

Boubouffe... rebrands? Bof!!!

What's next? Le Chef in Gemmayze? Is nothing sacred anymore? Boubouffe, the ubiquitous restaurant on Mar. Mitr (right behind Spinney's) get a glitzy makeover to become "Lebanese brasserie" and moves in 243 meters (OK, maybe 246) away from its original location to be on "avenue Charles Malek" (which means near Fassouh and MTV building). And with it, comes the inevitable new logo, I am sure there will silly costumes for the waiters, the coziness will disappear, the regulars too. And please don't give me the lesson about "all is bound to pass". I am not against Boubouffe moving to a new fancier location but they could have kept the old image, as part of the heritage, the tradition and the link with the old address.

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