Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elia Abou Madi's Awrak al Kharif (by Tarek Chemaly on 7UPstairs Publishing)

Please welcome our new outing on 7UPstairs Publishing. Elia Abou Madi's poem which has been typographically illustrated by yours truly based on old movie posters, book jackets and vintage advertising. The cover's artwork is by Desclozeaux (used under the fair use of the image doctrine for non-commercial purposes) and illustrates perfectly the melancholic words of the poem.
As one of the thousands of students who had to memorize the poem when I was 9 (owing to the book used back then for Arabic in schools) it brings back vivid memories of a delivery way beyond my years which left the teacher (Madame Layla) moved to tears. Enjoy the book, as usual, this is a labor of love! Feel free to spread.

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