Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eat my dust (I'm not biting the dust)

Photo credit: Lebanese Blogs

And so another one bites the dust.... Homos Libnani just quit. And he did went down bringing the whole house (of cards) with him, naming names and conspirators and all of that (perhaps he hoped he would be getting a deal with the judge or something - this is what happens when one watches too much CSI). I will not take credit for launching this whole debate with the stunt I pulled a couple of days ago but it is much pleasing for me to know that it's all out in the open now and that the gloves are off. But what was arresting about his leaving is what Mustafa wrote him in the comments section:
"Or you can name things by their actual name: You're quitting. You're surrendering, you're giving up. You lost steam. You're bored."
See? Maybe Mustafa and myself don't agree on things (case in point the Mashrou3 Leila spat - you can see him (t)here and me here), but in case anyone forgot - maybe this IS the basis of free speech. This is the corner stone of debating. It doesn't mean we will end up concurring, it doesn't mean we will convert our point of view, but it also doesn't automatically imply doing it with daggers drawn and insults ("min el zennar w bil nezel" - below the belt), and for the millionth time I repeat my position about the Brofessional Review vs Maya Zankoul issue (I was not siding with anyone, I was just saying I did not see their opinion of Maya as an attack on her character as opposed to a displeasure with her work. They did it before with Rana Salam and the furore did not erupt).
For these reasons and more, I am including the Lebanese Blogs website icon (initiated by Mustafa himself) on the right hand side of my blog. Now that google reader is about to be dead, it could be a handy replacement for those who were trying to follow up on what is going on on the blogosphere (can we still call it "Lebanese" blogosphere? Heck, it's full of expats and people outside Lebanon!) as some sort of official partner or whatever you wish to call it. Now in other news:

And to all those who sent me hate mails yesterday... I missed you too. You can bloody well eat my dust, I am not biting the dust!


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