Monday, May 13, 2013

Beirut/NTSC is dead long live @BeirutNTSC

This is the last post for Beirut/NTSC! Thank you for accompanying me through this 7 year journey since January 2007! Today I have had an epiphany - blogging is doomed! It came and went and now comes a time for me to revolutionize my online presence. After all, today I have heard it in many ways and many formats that "things change":

It was also pointed out to me that what happened in the meantime was something called early adopters (what is that? I still  did not catch up with that smartphone thing - any explanation would be welcome) - read below for confirmation:

So, keeping all this in mind I am following the example set by the venerable Guardian newspaper, I am switching to twitter as of today! No more complex sentences, no more paragraphs, no more soul-searching for the right word, no more digging through the archives to find stolen ads.... Wow! What a liberation!
Signing off for the last time from this blog and migrating to Twitter as an "early adopter" - so please make sure to follow me @beirutntsc ...


Anonymous said...

lol just when I started blogging, everyone seems to be quitting. Did I arrive late to the party?

Tarek Chemaly said...

No no, but please be kind to shut the door behind you and turn off the lights when you leave! :)