Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sami Saab leaves Clementine

Dear friends and colleagues,

I started my passionate and creative journey in Lebanon back in 1994. 
One day, late 2008, I decided to leave everything here and go to the GCC for a very reasonable offer…
After only 2 months of working there, I decided to return back to my SmiLebanon. It was in January 2009 when I decided to plant my creative brain in my country and to change the whole communication scene and especially the political one during the 2009 Eelection Campaign.

My creative brain became a very fruitful and mature Clémentine grain. It was in 09.09.2009 when I co-planted my faith, my dream, my Clémentine grain with my beloved partners.
From the start, I did everything to help our green start up to become the talk of the town.
All the way my only goal was to create the ideal atmosphere to assure the perfect growth to my creative Clémentine tree, to my love!
After almost 4 fruitful years of creative harvest, my Clémentine tree is now mature strong, safe and in capable hands.

I have decided to leave my beloved Clémentine with peace.
I have resigned from my position as a co-Founder, Partner and Head of Creative, and I leave everything with smile and positive attitude...

I have decided to explore a new Planet, to start again but a new and green Ad venture. 
Hope we will meet again and very soon in my "Saab Planet"!

Thank you for all the opportunities you gave me and thank you for having faith in my talent. Also, thank you for all your support to my sincere concepts and ideas, thank you for all creative and award-winning campaigns that we have done together, thank you for sharing me the great successful moments. Thank you to Clementeam, thank you to my family, thank you to Nidale, Sari, Loane and Sam. Thank you to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, thank you to the little prince that inspired me.

By the way,
Eastero ma chefto menni… Happy Easter to all

Keep me always in your mind and keep trusting in me.


M.II said...

Bass ma tedbal ...

Tarek Chemaly said...

Leih manna deblene khel2a?

happy middle easter said...

pity the planet he's going to ;-)