Friday, March 15, 2013

Lebanese swiss bank and the epic fail

Photo via Blog Baladi

Is there anything in this ad that works? The copy doesn't - "lucky is he who gets a loan in Lebanon and may he be protected from the evil eye". Ahem. Then the typo - the sleaziest most cartoonish one. The non-existent layout? Everything in it sticks like a sore thumb. And yet, if the Lebanese Swiss Bank wanted to play the cheapo card, I would be all for using the kitsch effect I am all for it (as epitomized by the Jammal Trust Bank truck advertising). But how on earth can one take the bank seriously with an ad looking like this! So my advice - go to a local sign painter in Bourj Hammoud, do it the most traditional way - insert the logo digitally after scanning it and off you go to a cool ad... 


Anonymous said...

I agree that this Ad was not necessarily one of the best estheticly, but i prefer it to most of the ads that look great and say nothing.
i've called this number on the ad and i was served. Moreover, it seems that this ad pushed others as well.

Tarek Chemaly said...

Then the ad served its purpose!... The bummer is that you need a loan - sorry for that!