Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beirut/NTSC for the International Women's Day

In honor of the International Women's Day which falls on March 8th, Beirut/NTSC is launching an small initiative regarding violence against women. Under the headline "wa min al hobb ma katal" (the line means "and there are some kinds of love that kill - whereas initially the saying is applied to the person who loves and who dies out of the sheer intensity of his/her own love, in this case it is twisted to imply that some people are being killed on the hands of people who supposedly love them). In the Arab (and Lebanese) culture this is often disguised as an honor crime or whatever else name which protects men and victimizes women. The video has been animated by hand and constructed frame by frame, the billboard is the product of the same creative rationale (thank you Miled for helping me finalize it).
I am aware that this self-launched initiative will not reach that unfortunate girl in the Bequa'a valley who was murdered by her own brother for being 7 months pregnant in an attempt to wash the "family's honor" (being pregnant out of wedlock)... Only to discover she was pregnant by him. But losing all hope of making a change is even worse than not trying at all.
Any help to spread the following will be highly appreciated.

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