Friday, January 4, 2013

Pepsi: the choice of a new aberration

So SMLC (who? Societe Moderne Libanaise pour le Commerce SAL) is now 60 years old. And unlike Spinney's which has an age problem (11 going on 64), these guys really did start in 1952. In case you never heard of them they're the people and bottle Pepsi for you - and who sold 34.5% of their shares to Pepsico in 2001 while retaining the other stakes with the Assaf family who founded the company. Which bring us to today - Pepsi celebrating 60 years in the Lebanese market. The line is "el 3omr kello" or "with full life ahead" something Lebanese use as a congratulation during anniversaries. The visual is the sign 60 (with the zero made from the Pepsi logo) with what looks like the Lebanese landmarks (the Cedar, the Baalbeck temples, the Saida Crusader castle, etc...) made from... Is this PET? It looks as if they were done from the same clear plastic material which is used in the Pepsi bottles. Or it could be a lighter shade of blue, or... PET? (How come I cannot shake that feeling).
The campaign is nauseatingly everywhere (whereas I must admit it looks nice on cans - I only saw the cedar but there could be other variations), and frankly I simply don't hook or correlate to it. So, what could they have done? Elementary!
Just browse on the webste of SMLC and you will find... these!

Aren't they beautiful? Real, authentic pictures that show how much Pepsi is part of the Lebanese social fabric since... errr, 1952? Even my own family albums are cluttered with Pepsi bottles as they are (or perhaps were since we seem to have switched to Coca-Cola) a ubiquitous part of any celebration. For once, such an trip down emotional lane would have been appropriate - not the least of which it's because it was genuine and true.

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