Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tapirama revamp....

Tapirama is quietly but surely getting a revamp. Interesting, when compared to Solet Tapis' fiasco "Teta wou sejedeta" they have been changing at their own comfortable pace. Their latest, "sar badda nafda" means both "it is time for a revamp" and "it is time to dust the carpets" (usually using the old-fashioned method of the bamboo duster). The redundancy of the image on the capret itself (a Greco-Roman woman who is holding a duster) is a little strange (unless by revamp they ALSO mean the housewife herself who is now updated into a modern-day version of a Lebanese nip and tuck woman). On the whole, remembering who the audience is, and that they could have gotten away with something way dumber, they deserve markes for the effort.

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