Monday, October 29, 2012

Spinney's can kiss my math!


I am puzzled! Numbers just don't add up!... In 2009, Spinney's launched a campaign (which was quite cute!) "we extend our wishes to you one by one" (one one makes 11) and that was to celebrate their 11th birthday.... Now, in 2012, instead of celebrating their 14th they are actually announcing that they are 64 years old "the first to have believed in Lebanon" - which is also a corny attempt to capitalize on the events that rocked Beirut (the Achrafieh explosion namely). Put up with me a bit as I struggle with the equation: 11+3=64.
Somewhere, somehow, Spinney's missed a staggering 50 years of its existence! Not only they grew older, but their latest mediatic fiasco regarding the wages of their employees and the opposition to forming a union for them, proved that they are none-the-wiser than a 14 year-old teenager who pretends to be an elderly respected person (it's like a Justin Bieber fan who might also have been a contemporary of Sinatra).
Spinney's can really just kiss my math!


Anonymous said...

Maybe when they said 11 years, they were only referring to Dbayeh branch?

Tarek Chemaly said...

No, that was a nationwide campaign - not just about the Dbayeh branch....

Anonymous said...

Both the 11 years and the 64 years happen to be correct. They first opened in 1948 (making it 64 years in 2012), closed in the early 1970's due to civil war and then relaunched in 1998 (making it 11 years in 2009).

The below link explains their exact timeline: