Sunday, October 7, 2012

Partners wanted: Beirut/NTSC Bros & Co.

Oh well, the inevitable just happened!.... Beirut/NTSC is looking for partners in the merchandising arm. Almost 5 years since its inception, the blog and its subsidiaries are now solid in form and format, the tone of voice and content unwavering, the positioning clearly established, but most of all the core values are now set in stone. So, in effect, in order to continue the blog its mission - specifically through spreading books and videos on its sister website 7UPstairs Publishing - the time has come to transform this venture into a lucrative one all while preserving the original pillars it was built upon.
Mind you, if your concept of "merchandising" is limited to splashing the logo on a coffee mug, or confining it into low-end badly manufactured T-shirt, then please - we do not see eye two eye at all. Whereas I am not going to reveal my business plan, suffice to say the potential to make some serious dough is there, particularly to someone with acute business sense (sadly, I am great at selling other people's products, but not my own).
So if anyone is interested on embarking in this adventure, do let me know.... Please contact me should you be so!

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