Tuesday, September 4, 2012

March, anti-censorship (or is it?)

This fresh in. And I mean SUPER fresh. The Ashekman boys have just tagged a wall in Tabaris "Anta haorr aw la takoun" (either be free or don't be) after an initiative from MARCH (please visit their Virtual Museum of Censorship which is incredible).  I have not done my proper homerwork and contacted them, and so at this stage I am still not sure who is behind this. But whomever it is - you are doing a very, very good job.
Below is one of their ads: Do not be afraid of freedom be afraid for it.
UPDATE: This apparently is a little bit more controversial than I thought, according to The Angry Arab, the anti-censorship "was started by the Murr family (owners of MTV which has been spewing racism and homophobia for years, and the local promoters of bands and singers who are on the boycott list)." Apparently, it is a way to get round BDS campaign (Boycotts, divestment and sanctions) against Israel making therefore anti anti-Israeli boycott look like a form of intellectual repression (as an example the website cites this odd incident which supposedly happened with Francis Ford Coppola). See? Politics does meddle in everything!

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