Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pot pourri

When we have to launch campaigns as to the importance of our army and how much we stand by it, then we probably have hit rock bottom in terms of national unity. With the Army's annual celebrations coming up on August 1st I cannot even believe the nation is so devided over its role. This ad "the protective jacket" reminds me of "Full metal jacket" - and somehow caught by eye. I think it is effective. But could also be a case of preaching converts.
 Chill w ma tfill (chill and don't leave). And another case of burning tires only it is the sales that is cooling things down. Not effective, or interesting or... Nevermind, I do not want to see anymore tires.
 And so the holy month of Ramadan is upon us and has already been going strong, KFC come up with their iftar of "It's worth a wait" (since fasters cannot eat before sundown)... Not sure about the taste, but, since every other gimmick has been used for Ramadan then this one is interesting in that repertoire.
Minarets from candelsticks and domes from platters? You'd better believe it. All brands want to corelate to Ramadan one way or the "other." In the case of Sleep Comfort, it's the "other" I guess.

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