Friday, May 11, 2012

Mohamad Sibai wants MEN to please him at any price

"The other day, I saw a couple holding ands along Hamra Street. Normally I would never look twice, but something was not right. They both had short hair, facial hair, and rough voices. The sight was disturbing. Call me sexist, call me whatever you like, I couldn’t get that image out of my head for the whole day. I couldn’t believe what I saw, I know that Lebanon aims to be an ideal “secular” country, but if this is what “secular” is then maybe it’s not such a good idea."
The word is NOT sexist, the word is homophobic. The above piece is the introduction of Mohamad Sibai's article in OUTLOOK the moutpiece of the students of the American Univeristy of Beirut. The uproar was so great that the editor of the newspaper Logine Kamel issued an appology:
In a recent guest lecture I have been giving at the American University of Beirut about graffiti and street art, I found myself explaining one specific artwork, emphasizing the fact that the word “gay/homosexual” and “deviant” are the same in the Arabic language (Chaz). It said: “Who is deviant? Your mother is deviant. I am only a homosexual.” Someone in the audience immediately replied: “Only…. a homosexual?”

Naturally, the presence of such a narrow-minded person in the audience could have been left undisturbed. However, I decided to take the bull by its horns and I said: “Studies have shown that people with the most homophobic tendencies are the ones who unconsciously gravitate towards homosexuality.”
Here is the work in question:

So it is simple, if Mohammed Sibai is afraid of his own homosexuality, but the person who sprayed the above is not... Also, the one who did the below:
So what? I love him - it says... But don't say that to Mohamad Sibai he might have a heart attack! Actually, I go back to the title of his piece "PLEASE ME AT ANY PRICE" - well, some people are ready to do that to him for free, but if he insists on paying - I wonder if it is by the hour...