Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marilyn: 5 drops of J'adore (Dior)

If  you haven't seen the magnificent ad Dior did for their J'adore and which was shot at the galerie des glaces at Versailles and which revives screen legends Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe, starring Charlize Theron then you must! Now here's my problem - Monroe has been notoriously associated with Chanel No5 when, in 1954, she asnwered the question of what she wears to bed with "5 drops of Chanel No.5"... What can one say but quote Isabella Rossellini about the image of her mother Ingrid Bergman appearing in an ad "Poor mother. Dead nearly twenty-five years and still working."

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Beirut Drive-by Shooting said...

well done! you named all of my favorites in one post! isabella is priceless~