Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jawla fi al manatek

 A teaser and a revealer again... This time for Bank Med and Middle East Airlines. Mind you the tease ris much more interesting than the revealer. The teaser asks "bitmayyil?" which means "would you drop by?" and then in the revealer do we understand that mayyil is the Arabization of miles which means sky miles with MEA hence the line "what are you waiting for to start your miles" or "what are you waiting for to drop by". Considering this is a product no one would be interested in, the whole thing seems a tad pointless to me.
Bavaria with 0,0% alcohol (so much it has earned a certificate in IRAN the most non-alcoholic country in the world) is positioning itself as "for everyone anytime" - in case you want an extended version of the headline it's "for everyone anytime including those guys from Dahyieh who would not want to be seen drinking alchoholic stuff which makes it OK for them to consume it." Get it?
Cafe Super Brasil has won the corniest award ever, but at least they are being funny about it "the best coffee in Lebanon does not need reading coffee marks"... Yes, cute.
I am sorry but "3a raseh" which means "be my guest" and litteraly "on my head" is disugsting when associated with food in that way. I think it's quite repulsive that food is displayed in such a way and I don't care what the meal is because I can already feel a hair in my soup....
 Now when was the last time your bank told you that the interest rate had a tax???? You didn't know? Me neither!!! So now they are telling us tricks of the trade and nevermind if IBL bank is going to pay it on your behalf the mere fact that it is exists - and that this ad exists - is spooky by itself.
Remember John Lennon's imagine lyrics? "Imagine no possessions"? Well, forget it, what you can imagine is paying for those possessions through pin-pay... Now isn't that lovely?
Speaking of cell phones, Alfa has played it very geeky with this new line whereby "he's lost without a cell phone"... A bit too nerdish perhaps, but we all know that nerds ending top of the pack later...
Now can anyone explain to me what an object that has four wheels, four doors, what seems to be an engine, side mirrors, front lights (I am judging by what I am seeing) can be? In my family we call them "cars"... Apprently the Rymco people are amazed the new Nissan Sunny is one such thing to which the appelation applies. "Shift"? Eltellak! (in case you did not get the joke "shift" which is the selling line of Nissan means "you see?" and eltellak means "I told you"...)

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Anonymous said...

Travel miles are the stupidest thing ever. You have to pay thousands of thousands of dollars on your cc to collect a decent amount of miles