Saturday, March 31, 2012

A stick from every valley (min kil wede 3assa!)

 So we start off with Audi Bank... His new ad "a credit card with zero % interest*" (*no kidding). The *no kidding bit is part of the ad. Which begs these questions: 1) if it was easily doable how come they only waited till now to do it? 2) does this mean that "they were kidding" for the entire set of their earlier ads?... I have made peace with the fact that banks want to rip me off, but taking me for an imbecile is a whole new thing!
 It took me forever to understand this one. Because to me Blackberry is STILL a fruit (I own the odest functionning Nokia in the market!)... So this new ad says "talking has a distinct new flavor"... Just because you can get Blackberry at 600 USD now.... Hmmm, unless it comes in cheesecake format I am still not interested.
 Oh! Here's a winner from Dunlop tires. In Arabic we say "no matter how much you turn/spin you won't find anything like it" - the ad goes "no one how much they turn (the wheels) you won't find anything like them"... Pity the transposition in English is bad but it is oh-so-cute!

 Help me out please!... Golden Plate is the rebranding of something that used to be in the market... But what?.... It is some sort of margerine I guess to do the Easter cookies with. Al bakara al haloub? Any ideas? Becuase the headlines clearly refer to the fact that the shape and name changed but the quality remains the same!
 Well, Palm Sunday ads... What did you expect?... It is just one of the multitudes showing litlte children (mostly girls thought!)... This one is from GS but you can exchange the brand with any other.
 And here's someone capitalizing way after her hour of glory on her fame. Remember Haifa? The one from the TV sports exercises? Well she opened a fitness center... But, do you remember Haifa? :)
Lurpark, unable to do surpass last year's ad of "ma3moul bi shou?" and came up with "7elou el eid ma3moul bil eid" (the sweets of Easter done by hand - or because of ma3moul is the name of the sweets and doubles as "done with" then the whole phrase could also mean "do your ma3moul cookies by hand" (and use Lurpak). Well, I'd have gone back to the one last year if I was them!
 Well, remember the whole polemic of lent and all that? For McDonald's they tried to play on the word "ate3" which means "meatless food" and "on your way" - so they ended up with "while you're on your way try our meatless menu"...
And this one is so irrisistible from Sushiko!... I love it. Need one explain?

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