Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dita Von Reveal

 A couple of teasers-revealers in the market now. The Fransabank initiative for women empowerment (we-initiative.com) - sure, the ad is soulless and sugarless but then again I guess a full committee to decide on this, so what do you expect! And, there's no Nadine Rassi there - which is a major improvement from their last mess.

Snow white seems to be missing her dwarfs. The local saying goes "el 3iz la riz, wil berghol chana2 7alo" (prestige is for rice and the crushed wheat hanged itself) - which implies that to treat someone, even if you have been eating burghol all week long, you need to cook rice for them. The Snow White twist is that the "prestige is not for just any rice". I don't mind the ad, but who came up with the silly naming!

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