Friday, March 23, 2012

Devoir de vacances - a new series of conceptual books on 7UPstairs publishing

Friends, after the staggering success of the "Archewallogy", "POPi" (Pop Oriented Peace initiative), and "Psychedelibnéné" as conceptual book series from 7UPstairs Publishing and all of them ongoing (I am allowed to brag, the numbers justify it), I am pleased to announced the launching of a new series of books entitled "Devoirs de Vacances" - or "holiday homework" - which are a visual exploration of the memory.
The first of the series will appear shortly and is entitled "It's always summer there" and focuses on rememberence, memory, mementos and how far can a personal memory trenscend to become something with which a whole collective memory can identify with. Watch this space!
PS: It has slipped my mind to thank Miled Issa for finalizing the logo - sorry!!!

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