Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sobhiyye on a Sunday

Research credit: Miled Issa
I like this one! "Open on Sundays" for the 40% discount on the Alfa Sunday calls... I am still trying to find in my archive, that beautiful gem done for Al Moustaqbal newspaper "la ahad yakif fi wajh al moustaqbal..." and then in finer print... "wa la ithnayan, wa la thoulatha2" - since the word Ahad means person and Sunday the line doubles as "no one stands in the face of the future" and also "no Sunday stands in the face of the future... and no Monday, or Tuesday...."


anthsz said...

I never really understand the usefulness of an offer that makes you pay to get a discount! (Friends and family and now this...). It kinda levels up and you find yourself on the loser side. Either offer a true discount as other self-respecting telecom companies in other countries do, or don't offer anything.

Tarek Chemaly said...

Now consider this:
Lebanon has the highest rate per minute in the world for the cell phone.
Lebanon has the highest rate of cell phone use in the world.
It doesn't add up!
So if the "client" is being reckless, one cannot fault the telecome companies only... Although of course you point is valid!