Friday, December 2, 2011

Toom Extra book launch (or the perils of having three bloggers)

It seems so peaceful and lovely... Three bloggers on one site - the photo was taken yesterday during the Toom Extra book launch.
But soon, Rana was disposed on with the use of a poisoned "taboush" (just look at the offerings at the table). To celebrate, Tony and Samah went smooching but then, "he cheated with me then he will cheat on me" so goes the expression.... So the kiss was nothing but a Judas kiss and Tony got a stab in the back which only left....
... Samah to enjoy the garlic all to himself. Thinking some girl is going to kiss him after the overdose of garlic. Good luck to him!
And guys, Mabrouk for the book!


M.II said...

Mabrook guys

Rana.B* said...

Thank you Tarek for this post and your constant support, sorry for this question but I am a feminist, why did u eliminate me first :P ???

Unknown said...

Rahibeh! :D
Thanks Tarek!