Friday, November 25, 2011

Myriam Achkar: The unofficial account of the Marwan Charbel words

If I am blogging on Myriam Achkar's more than tragic death it is because it has been reported to me that the original - uncut - words of of our Minister of Interior Marwan Charbel were not "this crime should be swiftly punished so as for people not to perpetrate it again" but also "the people (of Sahel Alma) should punish him themselves" (apparently this was mentionned in night and then morning editions of radio news and then disappeared off the airwaves). This brings back to mind the murder which occured in Ketermeya where a murder has brought about the lynching and brutal killing of the supposed perpetrator.
If our Minister of the Interior is telling us to take the law into our own hand, then we seem to have a major problem - either with the law, or with the minister's conception of the said law.

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